Community Resource Director

My Dad was an exploration geologist which meant living in foreign countries such as Fiji and New Guinea.  Not only did we have interesting friends but also pets, such as a tree climbing kangaroo and possums.  We found our way back to the US where in Denver I met my husband Dave in church while helping with the pre-teen youth group.  We married, he earned his Christian Education degree, he went on to be a Youth Pastor and Carpenter while I was a gymnastics coach.  We have two grown daughters and two very much part of the family, German Shepherds.

When my kids were very young we moved to a small community on the Oregon Coast.  We bought a historic "fixer upper" in a well established "family" neighborhood.  I wanted to give my kids roots and a sense of belonging as they went through their school years.  After a week we found out that we had a "drug house" across the street from us...not long after that, on the 4th of July we came back home to see someone running out of our front door!  All the neighbors were around and we all witnessed this girl who seemed out of her mind, rolling on the ground shouting at us.  The police came, and she was arrested. I later learned that the girl who broke into our house was 16, on meth, and had a baby!  She thought the fireworks were people throwing bombs at her so she broke into our house for shelter.  Later on, I met with her a couple times while she went through rehab.  I was able to follow them for a couple years through her case worker until she turned 18 and she seemed to straighten out.  I prayed she did.

The Police told us the best way to "clean up" our neighborhood, was to start a Neighborhood Watch.....What?!  That wasn't my job!  So I waited for somebody else to do that....but they didn't. I  had no choice, I needed a safe place for my kids and the other kids of our neighborhood to grow up in!  I gathered up my kids, and went door to door for 4 blocks, where I handed out flyers and promoted the first Neighborhood Watch meeting.  Things grew and together we formulated plans, researched laws and reported all illegal activity to Police.  It took time. but our neighborhood became a success story.  The Court declared the building a "Drug House", and shut it down.   By then the Narcotics Team decided to hire me to lead their Drug House Abatement program....that led to other jobs...I was also involved with the search warrants.  Everyone of them highlighted the desperate situation these kids were in, and more than a few times I found myself in the home of some of my gymnasts.....that would break my heart, and just fed my desire to make things safe for them.

For years I continued working my day job in law enforcement and coaching gymnastics with the Boys and Girls Club in the evenings.  The common thread running through my life for the past 30 plus years has been kids and working with or for them.  Then about a year ago, Dave was transferred to Central Point.  I no longer coached but was able to transfer and continued to work in law enforcement.....however, God intervened and brought me back to my common thread!  I am so excited to accept a position with Youth for Christ.  The opportunities to see the lives of youth changed and transformed have always been the desire of my heart.

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