#MyStory: Give Life To Your Story... a Life Change Story

It’s no wonder our youth struggle.

4/12/2018 in Category

We see around us dysfunctional homes, failing parents, and a stressed educational system. . . It’s no wonder our youth struggle.

The statistics are staggering… over 40% are born to single... More

Jesus rescues us from hopelessness.

4/6/2018 in Category

I always want to rescue kids from their pain and suffering, but I have to remember I’m not the rescuer. One young man came to me for help the other day. . .

He was overwhelmed with pain.... More

Sword Drill, ‘Praise’ and Rice Krispies Treats

3/29/2018 in Category

We have a lot of boys who come to City Life every week and a few keep inviting friends. . . 

One young man kept bugging his buddy until he finally came. When the new kid, Russ, showed up... More

flying drones

3/22/2018 in Category

As we ate our lunch, I asked, “So, Jared, where in the Bible have you been reading?” “I’ve been reading about Joseph!”

He had been reading because he wanted to know more about the story... More

“Do I know you?”

3/15/2018 in Category

Obviously homeless with his ragged clothes, unkempt beard, and a hospital blanket draped over his shoulders to ward off the cold morning air, he asked; “Do you know what time it is?”

Then... More