#MyStory: Give Life To Your Story... a Life Change Story

an enthusiastic: YES!

10/14/2011 in Category

Joey came up to me and said, "This might be a silly question but how do I give my life to Jesus?" I quickly stopped what I was doing and sat down to talk with him. After sharing the Gospel... More

lost, alone and scared…

10/7/2011 in Category

It’s all around us: lost jobs, foreclosures, sudden illnesses or a loss of a loved one. It's my belief that God anchors us down and gives us hope for the future. But what about those who... More

she’s neglected

9/30/2011 in Category

An 8th grader named Beth cracked a tooth last year. I know this because she told me one day while sitting with her at lunch. I could tell she was in a lot of pain. However, Beth did not go... More

friend request

9/16/2011 in Category

I received a friend request on Facebook from a previous HATS Mentoring Student. She wrote: I was thinking of you today; glad to find you're on Facebook! When I think about this young woman... More

Hope for the future

9/9/2011 in Category

Three years ago Jan came in for information about becoming a mentor. She was matched with Mandy. This 16-year-old girl’s history included several stays in juvenile detention, the county's... More