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...he’s a workaholic; Her mom’s a closet alcoholic.

4/13/2012 in Category

Linda was 15 years old when we first met and her family seemed to have it all. Her father is a very successful business man, but he's a workaholic; Her mom's a closet alcoholic.

They... More

Happy Easter!!!

4/8/2012 in Category

Blessings to you and your family today... Happy Easter from all of us at YFC.


She’s not sure who to turn to…

4/6/2012 in Category

When I first started volunteering at the Gold Hill Youth Center I met a young girl named Maria. That was over five years ago. She was one of the most outgoing kids I’ve ever met back... More

82 and mentoring

3/30/2012 in Category

Four years ago an 82-year-old man came to Youth for Christ and wanted to mentor a kid.

We placed him in the HATS Club with a group of mentors and students  who meet twice a month. To... More

15 years old and broken

3/23/2012 in Category

Sandi is a beautiful girl, 15 years old with dark hair and deep eyes. She also carries a deep pain in her heart. We sat in juvenile detention and she shared her story with me.

The... More