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She’s not sure who to turn to…

4/6/2012 in Category

When I first started volunteering at the Gold Hill Youth Center I met a young girl named Maria. That was over five years ago. She was one of the most outgoing kids I’ve ever met back... More

82 and mentoring

3/30/2012 in Category

Four years ago an 82-year-old man came to Youth for Christ and wanted to mentor a kid.

We placed him in the HATS Club with a group of mentors and students  who meet twice a month. To... More

15 years old and broken

3/23/2012 in Category

Sandi is a beautiful girl, 15 years old with dark hair and deep eyes. She also carries a deep pain in her heart. We sat in juvenile detention and she shared her story with me.

The... More


3/16/2012 in Category

In the wake of the KONY2012 video going viral (a video to call attention to an African warlord’s atrocities), I’ve had some amazing conversations with kids.

One girl at club in... More

Atheist hearing about Jesus

3/9/2012 in Category

“Are you having fun?” the Campus Life Director asked. The student responded, “Yes!! When isn’t Campus Life fun?” This may not seem very interesting or extraordinary, until you realize who... More