a lovely season

Posted on by Martin Corder

Christmas is over... And doesn’t summer seem so far off? Personally, I think it’s nice. It's a great time of the year to really get to know each kid. I've noticed they are more likely to come to the Youth Center after school during this time of year. It’s also much easier to talk about deeper issues with them. There’s just less stuff distracting and consuming them. This also means there’s much more time for them to act silly! This week a few of our regular middle school kids were bouncing around the Youth Center; playing ping-pong with whatever they could find and just seemingly embracing the silliness of life. It was beautiful to watch. These kids are growing and changing right before our eyes. And we have the opportunity to give them a safe place at the Youth Center to be real and enjoy hanging out together. With all the hassles of life, isn't it refreshing to know kids are enjoying life... at Campus Life? This is truly a lovely season at the Youth Center.


Missy Masterjohn
North Medford Campus Life Area Director

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