A young man approached me and said “Hello!”

Posted on by Martin Corder

While on parking duty at Table Rock Fellowship last Sunday a young man approached me and said "Hello!"

I recognized Mark, a tall, skinny, baby-faced kid from the Cognitive Behavior Training program at the Medford Juvenile Detention. Mark was genuinely excited to see me. He reached out his hand, but I gave him a big hug. Mark wanted to know when Point Break would be returning. Mark mentioned how much our visit impacted him and some of the other guys in the detention center.  He said to me, "Remember when you shared the story about your last day in prison? Turning your back on your friend's when the big fight erupted must have been hard... But you did it! You took action on changing." Mark shared his desire to turn away from his addictions to drugs. He seems to have a hopeful outlook on life now. We continued our conversation for a few minutes, embraced each other with another hug and said our goodbyes. I watched him walk away like a proud father as he joined his friends heading into youth group.

It's been a few months since we last visited the young men at the Medford Juvenile Detention. Mark is the second young man from the CBT program that I have seen at church. Both have commented on the impact my story made on them. Our stories have power and God uses our stories to shine light in the darkness and set the prisoners free. Have you shared your story today?


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