an example of what a lifelong relationship looks like

Posted on by Martin Corder

I met Danny about 6 years ago when I started volunteering for the Gold Hill Youth Center.

Sadly, this Thursday, Danny leaves for college in Southern California. Danny is an example of what a lifelong relationship looks like. Over the years I’ve seen him processes some heavy stuff... Things like the death of his father when he was 9-years-old and his mom finding another relationship. Over the years I’ve talked with him about my relationship with Jesus, my wife and my family. He has spent many nights at my house and we’ve gone on countless fishing trips (and I'm no fisherman). Our relationship has been summed up through one sentence that Danny told his mom. When his mom referred to me as his mentor, Danny quickly corrected her and said, “He is not my mentor… he is my friend.” That one sentence perfectly sums up our relationship over the last six years. I am so thankful to be friends with Danny.

Please pray for our friendship as it continues to grow and pray specifically for Danny as he now enters college.


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