And all God’s people say…

Posted on by Martin Corder

Point Break... What is it... What does it do? These are great questions I get to answer from time to time...

Point Break is a day-long workshop helping build empathy, understanding & connections among kids & staff in a variety of settings from schools to youth correctional facilities. Point Break is also a great way to get a glimpse into hearts & minds of students as a group and individuals like Joe who recently said the 3 things he needs to talk about most are: my feelings, home life & my future.

Point Break is an amazing tool to further the Great Commission by helping connect God’s people to the hearts of lost & hurting kids in places normally closed off. The possibilities are endless but it doesn’t work unless God’s people step up and say YES to this opportunity the Lord has provided. The possibilities are endless but without God’s people these possibilities remain unfulfilled. (Check out Ephesians 4:10)

I would love to discuss this with you… call me please, let’s talk.

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