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BIG Heart

11/24/2017 in Category

Brian is a kid that loves football and hanging out with his friends. He’s big and tough looking…

The other kids think Brian is mean, but, he’s only tough if he has to be. He’s really a... More


11/17/2017 in Category

I stepped into a small group discussion at club the other day. Two young girls almost popped out of the couch with a question...

“My friend told me if you want to be a Christian, you have... More

Love is never wasted…

11/10/2017 in Category

Krista, my wife, sent our family a text with this quote from C.S. Lewis: “Love is never wasted, for its value does not rest in reciprocity.” WOW!

Love is not measured by what it returns!... More

precious together

11/2/2017 in Category

Last week you heard about a single mom raising 4 kids, who recently had another brain surgery...

Through your help we could take her meals, help with her last month's phone bill and get a... More