Archives: June 2018

Camp Transforms Kids

6/28/2018 in Category

Camp is an amazing opportunity to take kids outside of their normal lives and be immersed in the things of God.

Every year we see the hardest of hearts softened and the most broken lives... More

“That was cool!”

6/21/2018 in Category

One evening at club, after the talk time, I forgot to pray before we ate. Not sure why… but I forgot.

One of the teens caught it and said, “Hey Larry, you didn’t pray for dinner!” “Oh... More

A New Kid In A Week!

6/14/2018 in Category

A book was recently recommended to me called “Have a New Teenager by Friday.” 

I at first scoffed at the idea of all the hard work that goes into raising a good kid being reduced to a... More

Old Fire Station - New Youth Center

6/7/2018 in Category

Saturday morning on a sunny day in late spring is a great time to mow the lawn.

This time it was the lawn around the old fire station in west Medford. It’s not ready but one day it will be... More

Safe to Share

6/1/2018 in Category

One young man regularly shows up an hour before our club meetings. He comes after school riding a bike way too small with no brakes.

What’s interesting about this young man is that he... More