At the bonfire

Posted on by Martin Corder

I was the evening speaker at the RVYFC middle school camp. One thing I love about camp is that you get to share the gospel to kids that are taken out of their everyday life. Kids responded all week to the call of Christ. A bunch gave their lives to Jesus for the first time, and more came forward because they wanted to get closer to Him. It wasn’t until Thursday night when the full weight of what we do at YFC hit me. After chapel the kids were given the chance to share what God was doing in their life at the bonfire. One kid shared that his parents used to lock him and his sister in a room so they could go out and party. One girl shared that she has been living in and out of hotels for a few years now. Story after story broke my heart but I saw God meet these kids before my very eyes. Kids finally feeling loved, forgiven, happy, cared for, and relax and just be kids. It gave me a new understanding of the impact we (you and I) have in the lives of kids.
Dusty Ratcliff    Gold Hill Area Director    541.779.3275
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