Bad Influences

Posted on by Martin Corder

I recently met Kyle, a 16-year-old boy who moved here from another state where he was living with his mother.

He explained to me it hadn’t been a good environment and he hoped this place would make a difference. Kyle said, “I had many bad influences around me at the time, my grades suffered, and I was feeling as if I just couldn’t do anything right.” A couple weeks ago we took a trip to a youth rally where Kyle talked excitedly to me the whole way there. He was happy to be with us. The next night as we sat in the arena, I looked over at Kyle with tears rolling down his cheeks. He must have noticed me looking. He turned and said, “This has been the best time of my life!” During the trip home he kept thanking me for taking him and how the things the speaker said rang true in his own life. He really wants to make changes in his life.

It is through your prayers and support that these changes take place in the youth at Rogue Valley YFC. Thank you for all you do!

Phoenix - Talent Area Director
office: 541.779.3275


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