cookies, cards, and appreciation

Posted on by Martin Corder

My job continues to show me how God is moving in His people, and how wonderful they are! 

Just yesterday I was deeply touched by a faithful monthly donor! She called early in the morning to update her donor information. While on the phone, she shared about how her mother had just been put into hospice care, and it was her husband’s first day of chemo….  Wow! Right after the call, I thought I would take a box of cookies, with a greeting card over to her house. I had wound up with an “extra” box of cookies… Not a surprise to God! I wanted her to know we were thinking about them, and praying for them. When I arrived, only their daughter was there. She was a bit teary eyed, and said they hadn’t returned from the hospital yet. She thanked me, and promised to pass on the cookies and card. I got a bit teary eyed too, and told her the staff would be praying and to call if she needed anything. On the drive, back to the office the flood gates opened, and I wept, because I realized the donor had called to update her information from the hospital!!! Oh, my goodness, her whole world was falling apart, yet she still cared about lost kids enough to call from the hospital! I was struck by her faith in the moment. She knows she serves a God bigger than her circumstances. She trusts Him, enough to care about the mission of Youth for Christ – bringing hope to lost and hurting kids in the middle of her pain!  What an amazing woman! Please join me in praying for them, but please pray for me too… Boy, do I have a lot to learn!!

Please join us in whatever area you feel called, as a mentor, faithful giver, prayer warrior, or all the above. Thank You!

Community Resource Director
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