Crazy… Wild… And Fun Tony!

Posted on by Martin Corder

I have known Tony for 3 years. Crazy, wild, funny Tony!

He regularly gets detention at school for his shenanigans and has spent the first 2 years at the Youth Center always disrupting with outlandish comments and behavior. Earlier this year he got in trouble at school and was so embarrassed when his mom told his Campus Life small group leader. And that’s when I realized that something was starting to change; he cared about what an adult thought about him. Tony has grown a lot this last year. He still does crazy things, like creating his own theme nights for club, dressing in kilts and plaid shirts with his friends for example. But his intentions have changed. His behavior now adds to the group instead of taking away from it. He even wants to be a student leader next year.

I’m so proud to have watched Tony grow over the years and I’m excited to see the man he will become as he enters High School in the fall.


Campus Life Area Director
office: 541.779.3275


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