“Do I know you?”

Posted on by Martin Corder

Obviously homeless with his ragged clothes, unkempt beard, and a hospital blanket draped over his shoulders to ward off the cold morning air, he asked; “Do you know what time it is?”

Then he looked more closely and asked “do I know you?” It didn’t take long before we realized Jeff was one of my detention kids 15 years before. The reconnection that February morning continues 3 years later. The brutality of Jeff’s life has nearly beaten the hope out of him but the steady, dependable love of God that we’ve been trying to model is working to refresh that hope.

Working through the huge issues that have stripped so much life from this young man is not easy but he's worth it. What amazes me is, I’ve witnessed this kind of hard work consistently lived out by many of our YFC staff and volunteers. Painful or not, giving God’s love to the broken is an amazing way to live. Thank you for making it possible!

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