“Don’t judge me!”

Posted on by Martin Corder

“Don’t judge me!” I heard coming from a young girl’s voice behind me.

I was taking attendance at the computer and I heard it again, “Don’t judge me.” As I swiveled around on my stool, there stood a young girl with what I would consider a bit too much makeup for a youth club night. She looked at me sternly… And almost as a challenge she said, “Don’t judge me. I know I have a lot of makeup on. I’ve heard it from everyone, even my mom.” Out of reflex, yet telling the truth, I said, “I’m not judging you.” There was a pause and then the young girl slowly broke into an agreeable smile, turned and walked away to join the rest of the kids. As she left, I wondered... What's going on in her life? What’s her story? Why is she crying out for all the attention? 
Thankfully, here at City Life, she's not going to be judged, but loved. Jesus said it is not what goes into men (or onto a girl) that defile them, but what comes out of the heart. Together we provide a safe place in this town where the youth can come and be filled with sufficient loving grace of Jesus... without all the judgment.

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