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Posted on by Martin Corder

Youth for Christ’s vision as part of the Body of Christ is to see every young person have the opportunity to decide to be a follower of Jesus Christ and plug into a local church. It’s increasingly clear, our part of the every, is the “least and the lost”.

Our Youth Centers, mentoring programs and detention ministry reach the most needy, abandoned, hurt and defiant young people of our community. Kids like Ricky who comes home to an empty house… until dad gets in late… drunk and mean. There’s Josh who’s mocked relentlessly for his Tourette Syndrome and is so angry, he lashes out in violence; and Megan, she's been removed from her home because her stepfather molests her.

Each and every one of these kids needs someone to walk alongside and introduce them to the hope found in Jesus. Are you able to walk with a kid or provide for those who do? Please come join the work!
Bud Amundsen     Executive Director     541.779.3275     bud@roguevalleyyfc.org
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