“FREE, take one!”

Posted on by Martin Corder

A couple of kids invited a new boy to club. He was friendly and polite and a bit talkative...

I was taken aback when he almost casually mentioned that his dad had passed away about 3 weeks ago. He’s now living with his mom and a few other people. As quick as he blurted this to me… off he went to hang out with his friends. It’s moments like this when I send up a quick prayer. I asked for another opportunity to talk with this young man. At the close of the evening I noticed the boy was standing next to the table where I keep a small stack of bibles and a sign that says: “FREE, take one!” The boy was holding one and asked if he could have it. "Of course!" I said, then he opened it up. He said he has his dad’s bible. “It was passed down from my dad, and my dad’s dad before him. I’m nervous to ruin it or spill something on it if I read it.” This boy wanted a bible he can safely read. I immediately remembered back when I first tried reading the bible. I didn’t understand much of it at all... so, I offered to answer his questions and even read with him if he would like. With a big smile on his face, he said he would “like that very much!"
Pray with me that this young man comes back to City Life where we can continue to build a relationship, and he allows me to help him carry on the legacy of studying God’s word.

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