God can use children.

Posted on by Martin Corder

Emile lost his mother to cancer recently in my daughters’ kindergarten class.

Lilli’s teacher called me to share what she witnessed. She told me Emile had come to class but was struggling with the recent loss of his mother to cancer. Emile was called to the office when his father arrived to pick him up. Lilli volunteered to walk with him. My precious daughter took Emile’s hand and helped him to the office, but she decided they needed to stop along the way and make sure he was going to be ok. So, they sat on the steps and talked… In her quiet voice, Lilli asked, “Can I pray for you?” Emile agreed, they prayed and then the scared boy was gone for the next few days. When he returned, he went straight to Lilli thanking her for making him feel better and for being his friend.

God can use children. My daughter Lilli did something that warms my heart. I know it does the same for God. Taking the time to reach out to someone who is hurt and in need is one of the greatest gifts we can give. Thank you for caring about hurting and needy kids. Sometimes, the life changing story is my own.

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