His body language says: “I don’t care.”

Posted on by Martin Corder

Usually by himself, Steve sits with his arms crossed and a blank stare... as if he’s saying: “I don’t care and I don't believe in all that God stuff.”

Steve has been coming to club for over a year now and often leaves before the lesson starts. But... all that changed two weeks ago. Steve stayed and sat in the back quietly. During the lesson about relationships I noticed his eyes began to water and a very sad, lost look crossed his face. As we finished he got up and went outside. He didn’t leave so I went out and sat with him. He told me that he was glad he stayed and the lesson was something he really needed to hear.  He'd been struggling with self-worth. Relationships with friends and family were crumbling. He felt people jumped to conclusions, judged him and he started to believe the lies.

Steve opened the door by sticking around and now wants to know more about what real relationships look like and understand what God wants for him. Seeing kids for who they really are is something we believe in at the Youth for Christ. You bring people who see hope and potential into each one of their lives. Thank you!


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