Hope Involves Trusting: God

Posted on by Martin Corder

As a Juvenile Justice Ministry Director for Rogue Valley YFC, I talk with many kids who are trying to process huge trauma... in a tough setting.

Oftentimes, I feel wholly inadequate! Zack shared with me, "I started using hard drugs when I was 8-years old." He has, more often than not, been high on meth for all those years. His daughter is a ward of the State and both he and his child’s mother battle addiction daily. Jeff, with a similar story, is a child of parents lost to addiction and incarceration. Their family home is the epitome of a drug house. Jeff’s intravenous drug use has progressed to include heroin on top of meth. These young peoples lives seem hopeless.

It feels hopeless until we involve Christ. When we rely on Jesus to heal broken hearts, He enables us to navigate the pain that is present in the lives of these kids—to share the love and grace He pours out freely to His children. Thank you for your support of this vital ministry. You are providing hope to the broken, abandoned, and hopeless lives in our community. Thank you.

Juvenile Justice Ministry Director
office: 541.779.3275


"Lord God, you are my hope. I have trusted you since I was young." Psalm 71:5 ICB

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