Jasmin’s Celebration

Posted on by Martin Corder

Being part of the leadership at Parent Life has brought many joyful moments but maybe none that have compared to participating in Jasmin’s baptism.

In addition to our regular group gatherings, Jasmin and her daughter, Alayah, have been joining us for church on Sundays too. We’ve shared great conversations around being a follower of Jesus, which eventually led to talking about baptism. So, this summer we celebrated as Jasmin publicly showed her desire to follow Jesus. Jasmine was baptized and little Alayah was dedicated. We were excited to watch Jasmin as she responded to the Holy Spirit’s invitation to become friends with God. Now that is a REAL Life Change!

It is so much fun to see God at work and to walk alongside these young families as they turn their lives to Jesus and start brand new generations of Jesus-followers! If you’d like more information on how YOU can be involved with Parent Life, contact me at missygetsinger@roguevalleyyfc.org.

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