kids grasp love

Posted on by Martin Corder

I’ve started to notice something with the kids at the North Medford Youth Center…

These kids have a growing concern for each other. When someone’s running late, a student will call to make sure they’re coming and if they don’t make it they’ll check in on them later. Recently, one boy mentioned he’d broken his XBOX controller; another said, “I’ve got one at home you can have.” A young lady was struggling with her art project, and a talented young artist in the group offered to help. A young man has been struggling with a very long walk to work, a student is lending him their bike and the group wants to get him his own. I’m seeing the kids grasp 1 John 4:11 where it says, “...since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another."

I believe the seeds of caring and sharing were always there, but sometimes the soil needs to be worked and watered before the seeds actually sprout. I’m excited to see what other harvests are to come. Thank you for your prayer and support as these awesome kids continue to learn about who God is, how ‘wide and long and high and deep' His love is, and how to love each other.

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