Love is never wasted…

Posted on by Martin Corder

Krista, my wife, sent our family a text with this quote from C.S. Lewis: “Love is never wasted, for its value does not rest in reciprocity.” WOW!

Love is not measured by what it returns! It is measured by what it gives, so it can’t be wasted. This concept made me think... First, it speaks of God, He is love. He loves us extravagantly and then gives us what we need to love him back. Secondly, I’m reminded of you. You, who give with no hope to receive. You, who give to show love to other people’s kids. You, who may never know the impact your love has had. There is nothing more precious than the sweet gift of love with no strings attached.
Things to be thankful for… I thank God for this thing called love and thank you for sharing it so generously… It has amazing impact and it’s never wasted!!

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