loving the lonely

Posted on by Martin Corder

Steven is a quiet 15-year-old who feels forgotten. During the summer I met Steven at camp because I noticed him sitting all alone after he arrived.

Steven’s parents passed away when he was 8. He’s bounced around from home to home constantly feeling like no one wants him. At first, a few words is all I could get out of him, but as we talked his demeanor improved. At summer camp I was what they called the Camp Mentor. I wasn’t sure how this would end up but I trusted God had a plan. During the week, Steven and I hung out together playing games and talking. He eventually asked me how God could love someone like him. I assured him that God thinks about us and He loves us. Steven began to smile, “Knowing that someone I don’t know loves me makes me happy!” Camp ended with Steven talking about how he needed love from God and that he wants to learn how to love Him back.

So many kids feel like Steven. They don’t know what to do about it or where to turn to find answers. Taking time to get to know them is the first step, sharing what God has done in our life is next, and then we may get to see God open their hearts to his love. Thank you for bringing Steven a the message of love and hope he desperately needs.

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