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Posted on by Martin Corder

Have you noticed our new logo?

You might be wondering what three interlocking circles have to do with YFC; how do they symbolize the mission with kids?  Well believe it or not it all starts with 'Story'. You may have noticed stories are an important part of our work. Each week we share the story of what is happening in the life of a kid. In our volunteer staff training we talk about the importance of learning a kid’s story. We also talk about how necessary it is to share our story with a kid and how sharing these stories build trust. We also conceptualize sharing our faith through sharing God’s story. Now you may be starting to see it. As 'My Story' intersects with 'Their Story' it also connects them with 'God’s Story'. That’s what YFC is all about; connecting kids to God’s Story through authentic relationships.

The three circles illustrate that perfectly. So now when you see those circles... you'll know you are connecting three stories to bring hope and purpose to lost and hurting kids.


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