Old Fire Station - New Youth Center

Posted on by Martin Corder

Saturday morning on a sunny day in late spring is a great time to mow the lawn.

This time it was the lawn around the old fire station in west Medford. It’s not ready but one day it will be a dynamic place filled with kids & families from the surrounding neighborhoods. Along the alley in the tall weeds, I found a spoon stained brown from a lighter and a syringe nearby, signs of a life being destroyed by heroin. 10 minutes later still chasing behind the self-propelled Honda I saw her pass by. She looked about 10 years old, intent on getting where she was going. I couldn’t help but think “we’re mowing this lawn for you.” This is her neighborhood and soon it will be ours also.

The cut grass and the remodeled fire station will become a place for this girl and her friends to laugh, play, explore and meet Jesus… a place of hope & purpose. From heroin to hope in just a few minutes… Thanks to you, the future looks bright.

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