Prevailing Love

Posted on by Martin Corder

Amanda was 15-years-old and living in a group foster home with four other girls when I first met her.

She was easily lost in the crowd of teenage girl dramatics. Her demeanor was reserved, soft-spoken, her electric blue eyes communicating a world of pain and potential she was unable to speak herself. Her early years of abuse and neglect left Amanda vulnerable and insecure. She didn’t know who she was. She staggered with uncertainty in her identity and attempted to find resolve in inappropriate sexual relationships. Through developing trust in our relationship, the mentor and I were able to speak truth, love, and acceptance into her life. Time passed and she came to know Jesus as her Savior... more time passed and she came to know Him as her Lord.

Amanda will be 29-years-old this year! Just a few months ago she got married… "to a wonderful man who also loves the Lord." Once again, the love of Christ prevails, to bring hope and transformation into the life of a young person.

YFC Mentors Director
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