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Sean is a very talented singer. He was also a kid that had been abandoned by his dad and step-dad. He was hungry for attention.  I began mentoring him. As we spent time together he grew spiritually, developing into a great worship leader. As a mentored him I felt pretty good about what GOD was doing in Sean's life. As time passed he moved away and began working in Hollywood on many very successful TV shows and motion pictures. We didn't talk much and lost contact. I heard from a friend that Sean had said he "...wasn't a Christian anymore.” The news left me hurt and wondering how I had failed. I questioned GOD. He said: “Trust Me”. Then ... Sean called a few months ago with good news. “You’re one of the first to find out: I’m getting married and the girl is a Christian!” Wow … God had continued to work in Sean's life and kept pursuing. I was reminded, GOD wastes’ nothing. He always redeems! If you feel ready to serve as a mentor, volunteer or supporter please do not forget that GOD always redeems and THANK YOU for caring.


Patrick Doyle     Ministry Coordinator     541.474.1115
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