seeing God thru your story

Posted on by Martin Corder

David’s home life is pretty decent, his mom and dad are together, but he’s often left alone to make his own decisions.

He’s 15, and like so many other boys his age, he’s trying to figure things out and wonders where he fits in. David recently asked “How do you believe God is real? Has he ever helped you through any problems?” I got to share my story with him and it allowed him to see how God orchestrates things in my life and helped me through tough times. I shared the story about Thomas and how he doubted that Jesus rose from the grave. He lit up and said, “I’m a lot like Thomas. I want to see Him in order to believe. I know God exists, but it sure would be nice to see Him!”

Kids come thru the doors of the Youth Center with different life stories. Some come from great families and some from troubled families. Most don’t have a background centered on Christ. So, when you provide a caring atmosphere for kids to hear God’s Story and see the love of God in others… you help kids like David ‘see’ Jesus. And… after you ‘see’ Jesus, everything changes. Thank you!

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