Shipwrecks, Snakebites, and the Power of God!

Posted on by Martin Corder

Is it hard for you to imagine a 12-year-old boy stabbing someone?

Would it help if you knew that his spirit was wounded and there was no warmth in his eyes? What if he was in a gang with no father figure and a drug-addicted mother? What if you knew that he was constantly worried about having enough to eat and whether he would have a warm place to stay for the night? He was hooked on heroin and other drugs… now do you understand his story?
When he was lodged at the Juvenile Detention Center, things were tough for him. He was unable to follow the rules and socialize with other kids without violence. Months later we were having a conversation in his cell, his voice was full of excitement as we talked about stories in the Bible, crazy stories about the life of Paul. Shipwrecks, snakebites and the power of God! His eyes were no longer cold but full of warmth and hope.
Thank you to all of you that make these moments possible! Your support and prayers are making a difference.

Juvenile Justice Ministry Director
office: 541.779.3275


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