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I stepped into a small group discussion at club the other day. Two young girls almost popped out of the couch with a question...

“My friend told me if you want to be a Christian, you have to get pushed under water and drink blood from a cup when you get out! We don’t get it?” After I stopped laughing in my mind, I told them, “What you’re talking about is baptism and communion... Baptism is when we publicly show our connection with Jesus by symbolically dying, being buried, and rising again in water.” You could literally see the wheels turning. I went on. “As far as drinking blood, we don’t do that, I laughed (this time, out loud)… We drink from a cup and eat bread as part of communion where we remember that Jesus suffered and bled as he died on the cross for our sins. The bread is a symbol of His broken body and the juice is a symbol of His blood.” Then there was this amazing Ah-hah moment where smiles spread across their face and they flopped back into the couch and one said, “That’s so awesome!! That makes way more sense now!”

What an amazing opportunity to bring a little truth into a world of confusion. You provided a way for these girls to connect with caring adults, hear truth that brings freedom, and to hear about the greatest of truths… God’s great love for them. Thank you!!

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