thank you for everything

Posted on by Martin Corder

“Thank you,” she said as we walked back to camp on her birthday, the 4th of July. 

It was a heartfelt, sincere ‘thank you', unlike any other I'd received in two years of working with this 15-year-old girl. As notable as it was, I wasn’t completely sure why I was being thanked, so I asked… “For everything!” was her response. My mind suddenly flooded with dozens of times I nearly kicked her out of Campus Life, and one time I did kick her out for a few weeks. No, life with this girl had been far from easy. But two weeks earlier, on the last day of Middle School Camp, she accepted Jesus into her life. And now, at this High School Camp, she had asked me to baptize her. So, as we were walking back from her baptism on her birthday she told me “Thank you for everything,” it probably meant more than any other thank you I've ever received in my life.

These teens need you… They won’t tell you they need you and might never even thank you for your help. But if they come to know Jesus, isn’t it worth it? It takes a lot of people to get involved to reach kids like this girl. Are you willing to play a part in changing the lives of young people?

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