The question for Friday Night with wild Middle Schoolers

Posted on by Martin Corder

It’s Friday Night at the end of another wild Middle School Club and I ask...

“Who wants to pray for us?” With an enthusiastic outstretched hand, an 8th grade boy volunteered. This boy has been coming to Club for almost 2 years, when he began he was dealing with the death of his Dad, behavior issues at school and a lack of respect at the Youth Center. At the time I didn’t know his story. All I knew... it was difficult to have him at club! Despite his issues, week after week he came back. This year he started coming to Drop-In after school to play basketball. It's almost like he’s a different person, now he’s one of our best behaved kids at Club. Always respectful, always ready with an answer during discussion and truly a beautiful part of our community here. So when he prayed for us last Friday, I was reminded that God transforms even the most broken people.

Thank you for being part of the lives of our kids, and having hope for even the roughest situations.

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