The Waiting List

Posted on by Martin Corder

Marvin is a student on the waiting list for a mentor.

Visiting with Marvin, he said, “I want someone to help me with school, to talk to and to hang out with.” He told me about his skills trainer, Kevin, and how much he liked him. And then with sadness in his eyes he shared how much he missed him since changing schools. After the meeting, I began to pray specifically for a mentor. Marvin has no friends; he’s shy and small (even for a freshman). He has no adult male role models in his life and his mom is struggling with depression because she lost her job.

While I was praying... I was reminded of a mentor named Kevin, who already has a student but might be willing take another. After talking to Kevin's counselor the next day, I found out the skills trainer was this same Kevin. I was in awe, so I called Kevin up and ask him about mentoring Marvin and you know... he said, “Yes!”


YFC Mentors Director
office: 541.779.3275


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