“Who Are You?”

Posted on by Martin Corder

Studies have shown that there are 3 questions that must be answered in adolescence: “Who am I?”, “Do I matter?” and “How do I fit?”

According to Ravi Zacharias, there are 4 vital questions that must be answered in every human being: Origin, Meaning, Morality and Destiny. The core of these questions and the answers to them is centered in one critical point that human beings so often fail to grasp  >>> IDENTITY <<<  Childhood trauma and neglect severely disrupt the development of coherent answers to these questions. The result is far too many adults are trying to build a meaningful life on a foundation that’s as stable as Jell-O.

Repeatedly I have found that 60% - 65% of juvenile detention center kids say: “Someone has done something so bad to me I can never imagine forgiving them.” Or, “I have done something so bad I can never imagine forgiving myself.” This situation sets up ‘toxic stress’ deep inside that adversely impacts mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, physical health, and life expectancy.

We have the answers to these problems. Healthy relationships with competent, caring adults who can deliver the faithful love of Jesus Christ. This heals broken lives. This is the work you do through Rogue Valley YFC.

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