young lives cut short…

Posted on by Martin Corder

I first met Jimmy about 8 years ago when he was just 12. The Juvenile Detention system is a tough place for kids, especially the first time in. And for Jimmy it was the first of many visits. Over the years we often talked, one-to-one, trying my best to share with him the life changing reality found in a close relationship with Jesus. He listened and was always respectful. He knew Jesus was the only way. But sadly, drug use and being on the run had a powerful hold on this young man. Years ago he gave his life to the Lord and was baptized but the lure of the streets kept calling him back.
Saturday I will officiate a memorial service: Jimmy's life ended violently & tragically just the other day. I’ve known way too many kids like Jimmy... young lives cut short by sin. Juvenile Justice Ministry is in a battle for the physical, mental and spiritual lives of kids. The battle is often raw - ministry in real life. Your involvement makes the battle possible. Thank You.

Matt Sweeney
Juvenile Justice Mentoring Director

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