built for a purpose

The Real Life Story

Kids like “Sid” is why Real Life is so important. Sid recently graduated high school but lacked necessary workforce skills needed to gain employment. His support system is extremely unhealthy and his estranged father was encouraging him to engage in the drug trade. The only jobs Sid was offered was to work on pot farms. His family has struggled with drug addiction and Sid is fighting hard to avoid that end so he was left feeling lost, confused and without direction. All the supports systems available for youth in school suddenly are gone after graduation. They no longer have teachers, school counselors, and programs to help. Because of the intervention of YFC, Sid is now enrolled in college! YFC Real Life-Built for a Purpose is the lifeline and connection that offers real life skills and support during a time that is desperately needed.

The Real Life Built for a Purpose Vision

Over the years, Rogue Valley Youth for Christ (YFC) has witnessed the need for youth to have help in transitioning into “real” life. Many young people who deal with relational poverty struggle with finding purpose and direction for their future. So many youth struggle with this transition into adulthood, and find the idea of “real” life daunting. They are struggling with the search for significance, purpose and direction for their life. Without job prospects, youth often become trapped in extreme poverty... leading to hopelessness, crime and homelessness. REAL LIFE, “Built for a Purpose,” is the next step in connecting young people to permanent successful employment through apprenticeships and ongoing mentoring that provides positive support throughout the critical transition into “real” life.

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