Mentoring program for teen young men 8 through 12 grade.

Walking Tall is compassionate life coaching men, establishing permanent connections with Christian faith-based mentorship, who will focus on teen men to create hands-on experiences for job readiness, not limited to, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, automotive, fitness and outdoor activities which will build personal respect, integrity and character.

It is apparent that boys being brought up fatherless and or without faith are making very bad choices and a large percent of them will end as lost souls.
Five Essentials Primary Purpose:

• Godly Fellowship: We offer men an opportunity to become part of a team of Christian men who are committed to raising up the teen men of the next generation with a heart for God.

• Stewardship: We practice managing our time, talents and treasure to reflect our love and honor for God.

• Respect:  We encourage fellow mentors to bring their diverse background, abilities and strengths to participate in building the character of the next generation of teen men.

• Service:  We are committed to introducing teen men to practical life skills that may be passed on to coming generations.

• Leadership: We coach teen men that humility is power under control; that serving IS leading by giving their best effort to others; that personal integrity is developed by becoming a man of his word.

Prior years example of our day with these young men would be to open in prayer, feed them a meal, have a speaker who through Christ may have overcome a tough situation in their life or helped someone who has, and is willing  to help steer these young men from making bad choices. Then a fun and instructional hands on activity.

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