Help A Teen Succeed

YFC Mentors

Formally HATS (Help A Teen Succeed) is a one-to-one mentoring program designed to serve teens that are deemed to be at-risk. Young people are referred to the program primarily by school counselors. Due to difficult situations that are usually beyond the student’s control, these kids are struggling. They are teamed with mentors who share their time, their life experiences and share how they handle life’s challenges according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Mentoring has consistently proven to be an effective means for a young person’s life to be positively changed forever!

YFC Mentors Program Include:

    Initial training in active listening skills and mentor role expectations.
    Social event for introduction to the student.
    Worksite visitations and occupational explorations experiences.
    Immediate access to staff and support in cases of special student needs and issues.
    Year-end “graduation” dinner and awards ceremony.
    Fun large-group social events such as bowling, roller-skating, hiking, and snow outings.

YFC Mentors (HATS) Club

The YFC Mentors Elementary HATS Club provides a positive group setting for elementary students to have the opportunity to develop trusting relationships with responsible adults, who can provide support, encouragement and guidance. Mentoring addresses the whole person, mentally physically, socially and spiritually. Through planned group activities, students interact with their peers and adult mentors. The mentoring approach is an effective personal way to share the importance of solid values, self-discipline, caring for others, and the need for education.

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